Get Off The Phone In A Hurry With

By John

I’m not exactly sure why the people at chose bulky WAV formats over leaner MP3s, but we’ll leave it up to them to think it out at the end of the month, when they get their enormous bandwidth usage bill. What is this site?

Well, somewhat similar in nature to another service recently featured here, this site offers up sound effects for you to play loudly whenever you wish to have an excuse to get off the phone. There’s a bunch of things. From car alarms going off, to jet planes passing by to a ringing doorbell.

Come on. Think about it. You have Annoying Aunt Annie on the phone, and nothing’s getting her off. Suddenly, “someone’s at the door, Auntie, gotta go”.

Eh… not terribly useful, but well, there you have it. Visit Sorry Gotta Go. Story VIA

1 thought on “Get Off The Phone In A Hurry With”

  1. The site is uhhh….horrible. FOr instance…the phone ring sound effects ring once and once only….by the time you tell your caller that you have another call to answer, its not even ringing anymore….and the verbal onces, such as the telemarketer that says he use to wokr for the company….he proclaims “my goodness!”
    The only person I know that talks like that is June Cleaver.

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