Get Creative With These Pixel Drink Coasters

By Luke Anderson

Not long ago I invested in a new desk for myself. I’d had the old one for several years, and after moving a few times it was beginning to look a little ragged. One thing I told myself was that I would start using coasters on the new desk, since the old one had acquired a few rings from cups and cans over the years. No, I still haven’t actually bought any, but now that I’ve found these Pixel Drink Coasters, I think I finally will.

These coasters are cool just as they are, however, each individual pixel is perforated so you can shape them to your liking.They look as though they might be a little on the thin side to last over time, but they come in stacks of fifty 10×10 pixel squares. I’m not very good with Chinese, but I believe that a stack will set you back around $38, but the real kicker will be trying to get them to ship to the US.

[ 25toGo ] VIA [ UberReview ]