Germaphobes, Rejoice: Anti-Microbial Phone Displays Are Coming Soon

Anti Microbial Phone Surface

Germs are everywhere. They’re in the air, on the things you touch, on your smartphone’s screen… And if you’re the type who freaks out at the mere notion of germs, then you probably carry disinfectant with you everywhere you go. You can minimize contact between your face and your phone’s screen by getting a headset, but some people find them a hassle to use or carry around.

But you will be able to leave that spray behind in the near future because antimicrobial phone displays are coming, hopefully soon. Corning, the company that has created a range of almost impossible-to-break glass and ceramic products, has just unveiled an anti-reflective, anti-microbial coating that’ll give your phone display a layer of protection against germs. Lots of phone and tablet manufacturers already use Corning’s Gorilla Glass for the devices’ displays, and it looks like it’s going to get an upgrade that even non-germophobes will appreciate.

VIA [ Dvice ]