Gerber Inferno Flexi-Light

Gerber Inferno Flexi-Light (Image courtesy Edmund Scientifics)By Andrew Liszewski

The Inferno Flexi-Light from Gerber looks and functions like a normal flashlight until you realise that the 7 LED bulbs each have their own hidden articulating legs. When extended the LEDs can then be pointed in multiple directions illuminating different areas all at once. While this feature is kind of useless when carrying the flashlight it can be invaluable when used as a hanging or table-top lantern.

The Inferno also has 5 different lighting modes including a focused white flashlight, a diffuse white area light, a red night vision area light, a red night vision focused light and a flashing red emergency beacon. On 3 AAA batteries the flashlight will run for about 40 hours which isn’t that bad considering it’s powering 7 seperate lights at once.

The Gerber Inferno is available from Edmund Scientifics for $39.95.

[Gerber Inferno Flexi-Light @ Edmund Scientifics]

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