Gecko Glue Is Probably The Strongest Glue Ever

By Jonathan Kimak

Well, there could be a stronger glue, I just don’t know about it yet. This glue, which is modeled after the sticky feet of geckos, is pretty strong stuff. 1 square inch of the stuff can support 220 pounds of weight. And since it acts like the gecko’s feet the glue can be removed and reapplied numerous times. The bottle of Coke in the picture is being supported by just 4 millimeters of the stuff.

So my thought(and yours and probably everyone else’s) was that it’s time to find that old Spiderman costume from halloween’s past and do some real wall climbing.

The glue is made from carbon nanotubes with small, curly carbon filaments on the ends that act like the little hairs in a gecko’s feet. But this glue is 10 times stronger than a gecko’s foot. And the glue can be used for non fanboy activities such as creating electronic components without the need of soldering.

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