GE Logiq Book XP – Portable Ultrasound

GE Logiq Book XP (Image courtesy GE Healthcare website)By Andrew Liszewski

It’s not just how much training an athlete has that decides who gets Olympic medals. There is still quite a bit of chance that comes into play, and of course this can include injuries. A team’s support staff of doctors and physicians can oftentimes be vital to success.

One of the newest tools the British Olympians relied on at the 2006 Winter games was the GE Logiq Book XP portable ultrasound. Weighing in at just over 11lbs and looking like a beefed-up laptop, the Logiq Book is the world’s smallest portable ultrasound unit. All of it’s components can fit easily in a backpack allowing it to be on-site in the event an injury occurs. The Logiq Book can also transmit scans in real-time to any hospital if a second opinion is required on whether or not an athlete can safely return to competition.

[GE Logiq Book XP] VIA [gizmag]

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