GDC08: Invisible Gaming


By Evan Ackerman

One of the sessions I went to today at GDC was on experimental gameplay. There were some demos of games where you could clone your character and interact with yourself, start and stop time, play through different realities simultaneously… Basically, it was an excuse for game designers to show off weird concepts which aren’t necessarily suitable for commercial development. I thought one of the weirdest concepts was obfuscation: that is, designing a game where you (the player) have no idea what’s going on. This video shows two games which explore that concept: the first is called Static (screenshot above), and the game consists of a platformer rendered entirely in different types of random black and white static. The second is called Xtor Prime: Retribution In The Invisible Wars: Wrath Of Transparentor: Part II: The Prototype (!), and you play an invisible monster. Like, seriously, 100% invisible. Check out the vid, it’s pretty cool as long as the first game doesn’t give you a seizure:

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