Gasmask Showerhead – As Creepy As It Sounds

Gasmask Showerhead (Image courtesy Chris Dimino)By Andrew Liszewski

Created by Chris Dimino this unique showerhead was designed to take a gas mask and “…adapt it to fit the aesthetic sensibility of our daily lives.” The results are creepy but in a cool kind of way and definitely look a lot better than the gas mask salt and pepper shakers my Mom got for Mother’s Day. Apparently the thought only counts for so much.

I particularly like how Chris has created a T-1000 effect with the human head pulling itself out of the tiled wall. But at the same time I can do without the carved-out eye sockets used to hold the brush and shampoo. And if this is one of those bathtub showers I don’t want to know what’s being used for the faucet below.

I probably don’t need to mention this is a one-off design piece and isn’t available for sale, but I will anyways.

[ Showerhead Gasmask ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

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