Gas-Powered RC Car Reaches 60MPH!

Gas-Powered RC Car Reaches 60MPH!

Ford GT RC Car

By Luke Anderson

You might think that remote controlled cars are for kids, however, when they can reach speeds of 60MPH, they cease being toys and become high-tech man gadgets. At least that’s how I try and justify it in my head.

This gas-powered RC car is a 1 to 5 scale replica of a Ford GT, which is a car known for its speed. The car sports a 23cc engine with a 15kb metal gear ratio and disc brakes. I’m almost positive that this little guy has more power than the old Geo that I once owned. You can pick one of these up for $649, which is strangely close to the price I paid for that old Geo…

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  1. This is nothing new? I have had a Nitro Powered RC car that does 70 MPH for almost 10 years? If I gear the first and second gear super high, it will go over 85.

    And it is MUCH smaller than that beast.

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