Garmin Astro – Do You Know Where Your Dog Is?

Garmin Astro (Images courtesy Garmin & The Red Ferret Journal)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the Garmin Astro might be handy if your dog mysteriously disappears for days on end it’s actually designed to be used by hunters who rely on their pets for scaring up and retrieving game. A wireless transmitter attaches to the dog’s collar or can be used with an included harness and allows you to track the location of the animals when you can’t see or hear them.

The Astro also includes a full-featured handheld GPS unit that is not only used to track the dogs but also includes a barometric altimeter, electronic compass, microSD slot for extra maps, celestial information and of course a rugged, waterproof housing.

The Garmin Astro kit is available for $642.84 and includes the handheld receiver, the wireless transmitter and other accessories. Additional transmitters are $214.27 each.

[ Garmin Astro ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

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  1. I know many people that would like a similar one for the cat. My cat is ALWAYS out and running. I can see the need for cat tracker as greater, than for dogs. A dog is not out each day and running.

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