Garden Groom

Garden Groom (Image courtesy Garden Groom)By Andrew Liszewski

High-tech looking gadgets don’t have to be limited to your workdesk or entertainment center. Case in point check out the Garden Groom hedge trimmer. Originally released in the UK a couple of years ago it became a huge hit and is now officially available in the US.

The Garden Groom is capable of trimming and then shredding leaves and branches so they can be then stored in a built-in receptacle. Gone are the days of spending all afternoon trimming the hedges then having to go back to rake up all the debris. The Garden Groom is also designed to be quite safe with the blades concealed inside a protective housing which drastically reduces the risk of ‘accidental trimmings.’

The Garden Groom is available in two versions, the MIDI with a 9-inch blade for about $149 and the MAX with a 12-inch blade for about $199.

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