Gangster Shooting Gallery

Gangster Shooting Gallery

Gangster Shoot Shooting Gallery (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

What kind of lesson are we teaching our kids with this Gangster Shooting Gallery? That every group of trenchcoat-wearing, tommy gun-toting men they come across in an abandoned warehouse are up to no good? I mean isn’t it bad enough that these 3 guys, who are obviously triplets, were born without legs? Or maybe their legs were actually shot off by someone who decided they should shoot first, and ask questions later.

Either way, I think this toy should encourage an open dialogue with these supposed gangsters, instead of just rewarding you every time you blow one away because they’re raising their tommy gun in a threatening manner. They could just be scratching their nose with it! You can’t control when and where you get an itch… Once again, I’m disgusted with humanity.

You can find the Gangster Shooting Gallery at for just $34.95.

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  1. I continue to deeply love and appreciate the bizarre logic you apply to your product reviews/posts Andrew- please dear god don’t stop anytime soon. This was a welcome smile break in an otherwise somewhat annoying day 🙂

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