GameDR Smack Talk

GameDR Smack Talk (Image courtesy Digital Innovations)By Andrew Liszewski

I spent about a year on XBox Live before I had to give it up in order to actually get work done but I’ll always have the fond memories of being trash-talked by 10-year old kids.

Digital Innovations, the people behind those optical disc polishers are coming out with an accessory for the XBox 360 that allows you to play back pre-recorded clips over XBox Live to help make that last kill or touch-down seem extra painful. The unit attaches to the bottom of the 360’s controller and has its own headset jack so that you can continue on with normal ‘conversation’ during the game. Then at any point hitting one of the five buttons will trigger a preset sound like evil laughter or crowd applause. The best part though is that those presets can be replaced by your own custom sound bites like movie one-liners or other favorite sound effects. (I’ll leave which sound effects specifically to your own imaginations.)

The GameDR Smack Talk will be available in October at stores like EB and Best Buy for $29.99.

[Digital Innovations GameDR Smack Talk] VIA [CNet]

4 thoughts on “GameDR Smack Talk”

  1. I was skeptical about this product but I gave it a try anyway. I have to say that I’ve had my share of yuks downloading and playing some stupid sound clips to the consternation of my opponents.

  2. I use a lot of South Park quotes and it makes the kills sweeter if you finish up with some Mr. Hanky.
    What I need is an extra hand for just Talking Smack.

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