GameCube Desktop Organizers

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Do you have trouble keeping your desk organized? Do you like GameCube and miss not having a need to use it anymore? After the Wii came into the picture, we lost a need for our beloved cubed shaped system. With so many a fancy squares lying about, it’s not a surprise that someone creative decided to make use out of them. There are now GameCubes that can help you keep your office space spick and span.

Seeing as the outdated consoles are just collecting space anymore, someone thought it would be better if they had a new purpose, and help us grieve the loss of new games for it. It was such a cool idea that they started selling it on Etsy under the name of GreenCub. The organizers have a magnet for staples, pencil and tack holders, and a tray for larger objects. They’ve even installed a little shelf for your phone or other compact gadgets. This is something that you could make at home, but costing only $39-49 a piece, I’d say it’s better to just buy the things.

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