Gameboy LEGO Robot Hybrid

robot legoBy David Ponce

Not smoking new, still cool. Let me make an appropriately old and lame South Park joke as an intro, you know, to break the ice.

1) Make a LEGO/Homebrew-enabled GameBoy Advance robot.
2) ?
3) Profit

Yeah, so that’s the deal. The boys at Charmed Labs inserted a Xport 2.0 into the cartridge slot of the GBA, which essentially turned the device into a robot’s brain. Then, just slapped it on top of some LEGO (or anything else really) body, and watched the action unfold.

These robots are able to do a few nice tricks, the most interesting of which is called “Teach”. You push it around on the floor, in whatever pattern you like, and it’ll reproduce that same path at the press of a button. For a video demonstration, come inside.

[Charmed Labs] VIA [TechEBlog]

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