Game Boy Advance Turned Into An iPhone Case

Game Boy Advance Turned Into An iPhone Case

Game Boy Advance iPhone Case (Images courtesy Goteking)
By Andrew Liszewski

Nintendo fans might want to skip this mod because it requires sacrificing a Game Boy Advance, but since you couldn’t really see the LCD display on the original non-backlit model anyways, this seems like a far better use for the housing. The mod doesn’t require much in the way of electronics capabilities, short of removing screws and various bits of circuitry, but ‘Goteking‘ who created this bit of hackery did manage to stash the iPhone’s sync cable in the GBA’s battery compartment for easy access. And thanks to some clever alignment the ‘B’ button on the GBA can actually be used to press the iPhone’s ‘Home’ button.

[ Goteking – Stupid iPhone Case ] VIA [ ALBOTAS ]

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