Gaggenau BL 253 Lift Oven Does Away With Doors

Gaggenau BL 253 Lift Oven (Image courtesy Gaggenau)By Andrew Liszewski

While clever door innovations are nothing new high-end appliance manufacturer Gaggenau feels that the best way to improve upon the door is to simply get rid of it. Their new BL 253 Lift Oven has a unique ‘LiftMatic’ function that will lower the oven’s glass ceramic base directly to your countertop allowing food and dishes to be easily loaded. Another push of the button will then cause the food to be automatically raised into the cooking cavity.

Besides just looking cool the Lift Oven also has several practical advantages over a traditional stove. Since heat rises the hot air remains in the oven cavity when the base is lowered resulting in minimal heat loss if you need to check on the food. Another obvious advantage is that you don’t need to risk a nasty burn by touching or reaching into a hot oven to remove cooked items. In addition to the lift function the BL 253 also has a sleek stainless steel finish and a stainless steel tinted glass window that’s illuminated via halogen lighting.

But while the Gaggenau Lift Oven might look like just a concept the company will actually be producing and selling them come October of this year for around $3,300.

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