G155 Mobile Gaming Environment

G155 Mobile Gaming Environment

G155 Mobile Gaming Environment (Image courtesy Firebox)
By Andrew Liszewski

When forced to travel for the sake of others (i.e. visiting family, weddings, international court appearances) you can’t seriously be expected to simply walk away from the various quests and missions you’ve undertaken on your gaming console. So instead of carefully wrapping your hardware in shirts and underwear, stashing them in your suitcase and hoping they survive the rigor of luggage handlers; you might want to splurge, and we mean really splurge, on this TSA-approved and carry-on friendly mobile gaming briefcase.

The G155 has a rugged hard plastic shell so it can survive being tossed around in a plane’s luggage hold. And the interior is sufficiently padded with foam to protect what’s inside. Various velcro straps also serve to keep your hardware secure, while a couple of matching bags provide a place to keep cables and controllers wrangled. You’ll still need to find a power source once you get to where you’re going, but otherwise a 15.5-inch LED hi-def display (with an HDMI input) built into the lid ensures the G155 also serves as an all-in-one portable gaming solution. The only catch is that it runs almost $500 (£299.99) which is more than any well-equipped console will cost you these days.

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