G-Spot Turns Your Car On

g-spot_in_handBy Evan Ackerman

If someone steals your keys, they can steal your car. Yeah, it’s obvious, but there are ways to make your car less accessible. For example, you could remove the steering wheel. Or one of the other wheels. Or the engine. Take that, thieves! I guess maybe it would get a little bit tedious to keep on doing that sort of thing, and some guy named Dan who lives in New Zealand has invented a little device that adds another layer of simple safety to your car. For some reason, it’s called G-Spot, and all it does is sit in between the starter wiring and the ignition and prevent the car from starting at all unless you put your finger in the right spot. It’s simple for you to use but pretty much impossible for anyone else to figure out, which is just what you want in a security gadget.

I’m not entirely sure whether or not you can buy a G-Spot (if only!), but I am sure that you can make one pretty easily by following Dan’s instructions. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it is for the paranoid and anyone with a passing interest in electronics and a free afternoon.

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