Fuuvi Pick Camera Is Also A Card Reader, Could Be A Flash Drive

By David Ponce

We live in an interesting age where the technological innovations of the past are becoming increasingly commoditized. Although, really… this isn’t limited to this time period, I guess. It’s the way of the world. Still, digital storage and digital camera sensors are two perfect examples. They’re becoming so inexpensive to manufacture, you can find them just about anywhere and on anything. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear about the Fuuvi Pick camera. It’s basically a USB card reader with an attached digital camera. You insert your own MicroSD card (up to 16GB) and you have a keychain-sized 2MP camera which you can keep in the change pocket of your jeans for instance. It’s 35 × 70 × 15mm and weighs 24g. Oh, and it takes 720 × 480 video at 30fps. Sure, the quality will be crap but it’ll do in a pinch.

It’s $60.

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