Fuut Desk Foot Rest is a Hammock for Your Feet

Fuut Desk Foot Rest


Legs stretched out, crossed, or the number-four–which among these is your preferred sitting position? You might find yourself switching from one position to the another as you try to get comfortable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t–and when it doesn’t, then that’s when the Fuut Desk Foot Rest will come in handy.

Think of it as a hammock for your feet, since it already looks the part. Just attach the strings to the side of your desk tot stretch it out, and voila! It’s ready to use.

Fuut Desk Foot Rest1


The ropes serve another purpose aside from being what you’ll use to fasten the foot rest securely: you can adjust their lengths to move the Fuut to a higher or lower position, depending on how you feel like resting your feet.

It’s available online for $30.

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