Futuristic Looking Hydrocar Toy

Futuristic Looking Hydrocar Toy

Horizon Hydrocar (Image courtesy Planet Happy Toys)
By Andrew Liszewski

Nothing can destroy the excitement of buying a new toy like getting home and finding no fresh batteries in the house. But that’s not a problem if the new toy happens to be the Hydrocar, which is yet another attempt to educate kids about alternative fuels.

On the back of the Hyrdrocar you’ll find a couple of clear tanks that you simply fill with water. A “next generation” reversible Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (or PEM) fuel cell then breaks the water down into oxygen and hydrogen which is used to power the car. The clear tanks on the back actually allow you to see the oxygen and hydrogen being formed, but they’re sealed shut preventing you from having any real fun with the hydrogen gas. Unfortunately the car doesn’t do much besides drive forward, but it will steer around objects once it’s bumped into them, and there’s a set of flashing blue LED lights inside the cockpit.

It’s available from Planet Happy Toys for $84.95.

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