Fusion Flatware – Chopsticks + A Knife And Fork

Fusion Flatware (Image courtesy Cooking Enthusiast)By Andrew Liszewski

Like the “chicken crossing the road” joke the whole sight-gag of someone trying to use chopsticks for the first time will probably never die. For those who don’t think they’ll ever master the ‘trick’ to using chopsticks there’s now another method of cheating available.

The Fusion Flatware are designed so you can “eat in any language” as the website puts it and are basically chopsticks that have a knife and fork at the other end. They’re about 10 inches long and made of food-safe polystyrene so they can be thrown in the dishwasher and reused. To make things even easier for beginners the chopsticks also have textured tips to make picking up food less of a challenge.

The Fusion Flatware is available from the Cooking Enthusiast online store in a set of six for $34.99.

[Fusion Flatware] VIA [bookofjoe]