Fujitsu’s Secure USB Memory Device With Auto-Erase Function

Fujitsu's Secure USB Memory Device (Image courtesy Fujitsu)
By Andrew Liszewski

Today Fujitsu Laboratories announced a couple of new technologies that should help prevent data stored on a USB flash drive from ending up in the wrong hands. The first is the secure USB memory device prototype pictured above that may have been inspired by a piece of Babybel cheese. It works like your standard USB flash drive, but it’s got a processor and battery on-board that can be used to automatically erase the data after a specified amount of time, or if the flash drive is plugged into an unregistered computer.

The second development is a file redirect technology that can prevent files on a USB flash drive from being saved to another computer, or uploaded to an unapproved server. I’m not exactly sure how that technology is designed to work, since the Fujitsu press release is a little vague on the details, but the goal is to prevent confidential files from being emailed outside the office, or even printed.

[ PR – Fujitsu Develops Secure USB Memory Device Featuring Automatic Data-Erase Function ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

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