Fujitsu Pocket LOOX N100 Handheld GPS

Fujitsu Pocket LOOX N100 (Image courtesy Popular Science)By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve only recently started using a GPS device for driving purposes and I have to admit that so far I’m not exactly impressed. To be more specific while it tracks the location of the vehicle accurately enough the route planning and audible directions leave quite a bit to be desired.

It’s for this reason the new Pocket LOOX N100 from Fujitsu caught my attention. It’s the first GPS device to actually specify what driving lane you need to use in order to properly make an upcoming turn. With the device I’m using right now I’ve actually missed plenty of turns when driving in unknown areas simply because I was in the wrong lane.

As for other features the Pocket LOOX N100 uses the NAVIGON Mobile Navigator software, includes maps of the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, has a 1150 mAH rechargeable lithium ion battery and unfortunately relies on Mini SD cards (it includes a 2GB one) to help keep its physical size down.

It’s available now from Amazon for $485.47.

[ Fujitsu Pocket LOOX N100 ] VIA [ Popular Science ]