Fujifilm Finepix HD Player Complements Their W1 3D Camera

Fujifilm Finepix HD Player (Image courtesy Fujifilm)
By Andrew Liszewski

Fujifilm’s W1 3D camera has had a bit of a rough life in its first year here on Earth. Certain reviews were less than kind about its capabilities, and a demo I had of the camera at the NVIDIA booth at CES epitomized the words ‘epic fail.’ One of the biggest complaints about the camera is that there weren’t a lot of ways to actually view the images it snapped in 3D, but Fujifilm has released another solution that would have probably been really handy when the camera first came out.

Their new HDP-L1 Finepix HD Player accepts both 2D or 3D content from the W1 via the camera’s SD card, and will pipe it through your hi-def TV via an HDMI connection. Now it’s not the only way to view 3D content from the W1, but it seems to me that an accessory like this should probably have been included with the camera when it first came out. Instead, you have to buy it separately now for ~$43. (¥4,000)

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