Fuji FinePix BIGJOB HD-3W Camera

Fuji FinePix BIGJOB HD-3W (Image courtesy <3yen)By Andrew Liszewski

I actually just spent the better part of the weekend touring the local camera shops where I live trying to hunt down a small P&S digital camera for a family member. While this latest FinePix model from Fuji is a bit big for what I was looking for it makes up for its size by being both waterproof and dustproof. (Though I doubt it will function as an underwater camera.)

The FinePix BIGJOB HD-3W as it’s oddly been called is not exactly bleeding edge with only a 6 megapixel CCD but it does offer 3x optical zoom with a 28-84mm wide angle lens which should suffice for most consumers. The big downside though and the reason I wasn’t able to buy the Fuji P&S camera I wanted to this weekend was that it uses xD picture card media instead of the more common SD these days. While I’m sure xD cards work perfectly fine I just don’t have that much faith in it as a long-term format. The BIGJOB does have some built-in memory but it’s a paltry 27MB.

The FinePix BIGJOB will be priced around $580 but I’m not sure when it can be expected to hit stores.

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