Fruitcast, Simple Podcast Monetizing

By David Ponce

Let’s not kid ourselves. Most of us that have started blogs have done so because we have thought, at some point, that money could be made in that business. Reality is, of course, that it’s a lot harder to do than we initially thought… which explains the phenomenal rate of abandoned blogs.

That being said, for those of us that stuck with it, there is now a company out there helping you monetize your efforts. This time, it’s done through your podcasts. It’s a service called Fruitcast that automatically adds a short commercial to the beggining or end (or both) of your MP3 file and pays you for every download. The number being tossed around as an example is $0.1, but that could change as advertisers would bid on keywords, making payouts very variable.

The ads are said to be short and compliant to a very strict set of guidelines. Most importantly, there isn’t much for you to do, other than to display the link created for you at signup.

Story VIA Fayerwayer.

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