Frucall Gives You Mobile Frugality

frucallBy David Ponce

They say a penny saved is a penny earned. And certainly startup Frucall would like for you to remember as much, seeing as they allow you “to be frugal just by making a call”. When wandering the aisles of whatever store you’re in, simply dial their number, 1-888-DO-FRUCALL (1-888-363-7822), and enter the barcode number of the item you’re considering buying. They’ll do a search on the fly for you, and list you the lowest price they find, letting you know if you might not just be better off ordering the item online instead.

While that seems like a little too much effort to save $0.20 on a bag of pasta, perhaps not such a bad idea when impulse shopping a 60 inch plasma.

[Frucall Website] VIA [TRFJ]

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