From The Road: Who Knew Kryptonite Was So Readily Available?

JLA Trophy Room Multi Colored Kryptonite Display Replica (Image property of OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Given the ridiculously nice weather I decided to go for a walk yesterday, and as is usually the case, I ended up at my local comic book store. Much to my surprise, in their display case of ‘stuff that’s so expensive you’re not allowed to touch’ I discovered this handsomely displayed set of Kryptonite. Now I was always under the impression you needed some crazy, Luther-esque plan in order to obtain a usable amount of Superman’s achilles heel, but it seems my own dreams of taking down the man of steel might actually come true.

Unfortunately, after doing a little research online it turns out this is actually a replica of a set of Kryptonite found in the Justice League’s trophy room. So not only is it a fake, but it’s also based on an item that only exists in a comic book. Sigh… Anyways it looks like the BigBadToyStore also carries it for $204.99.

2 thoughts on “From The Road: Who Knew Kryptonite Was So Readily Available?”

  1. What in tarnations are you talking about? Lutheresque skill my eye, almost everyone in the superman universe had their hands on cryptonite at one point or another. From what I can tell that stuff is about as rare and valuable as coal.

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