From The Road: My Last Moments In California

sheraton bakersfield

By David Ponce

That picture above is the last one I took before I left sunny California, back to not-so-sunny Canada. I just spent the day test driving the new Cobalt SS on an open track, and had I taken a picture of me instead of the hotel, you’d have no doubt noticed a stupid grin on my face. Yeah, it was fun. But my full impressions are embargoed until later today… so you’ll get them sometime tomorrow.

By the way, you should click that map link. The view of the hotel is pretty cool.

5 thoughts on “From The Road: My Last Moments In California”

  1. I guess you needed some excuse to go to CA but you could have picked something other than a Cobalt. I mean, we’re supposed to believe that story?

    By the way, when they invite you to go drive the new Camaro, don’t even report it or I’ll jealously hunt you down and give you a wedgie!

  2. Please remember, Canada is a VERY big country, and just because you don’t like your part of it, doesn’t mean you have to slag it all. Vancouver has been beautiful and sunny the last couple of days, thankyouverymuch.

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