Freestyle Fusion Amp, A Waterproof MP3 Player

Freestyleaudio Fusion Amp - Waterproof Mp3 Player

By David Ponce

When it comes to waterproof MP3 players, far as I know, there aren’t a ton of options. Last one I saw was the SwiMP3, which relied on bone conduction to transmit music to your ears while underwater. Unfortunately, it made you look like you had a big boxy tumor coming out the back of your head.

Well, here’s another one that’s only slightly less of an eyesore. The Freestyle Fusion Amp goes on an armband, and can be submersed up to 10ft. Comes in puny 256MB and 512MB versions, and will set you back either $160 or $200, respectively.

[FreeStlye Fusion Amp] VIA [Travelismo]

5 thoughts on “Freestyle Fusion Amp, A Waterproof MP3 Player”

  1. There are some problems with the ear bud setup. They dont stay in your ears no matter what you do
    ( i have tried several kinds). The ear buds actually amplify the sounds of the water flowing past your ears to the point you can hear the music anyway. Lastly, the sound quality sucks. So far none of them have been worth the money i my opinion.

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