Freedom Leg Looks Like A Better Alternative To Crutches

Freedom Leg (Images courtesy Forward Mobility)
By Andrew Liszewski

As if breaking your foot or ankle wasn’t already painful enough, having to hobble around on a pair of crutches for weeks just adds insult to injury, literally. Unless you manage to get your hands on one of these Freedom Legs from Forward Mobility. Made from lightweight composite materials it allows you to walk on your injured leg by off-loading the weight to your thigh. There’s no pressure on your injured foot or ankle like when using crutches, but the Freedom Leg lets you stay mobile without tying up your hands and arms and it keeps the injured leg in use during the recovery period, reducing the atrophe of the leg muscles.

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11 thoughts on “Freedom Leg Looks Like A Better Alternative To Crutches”

  1. I just Twittered this specifically to make it easier to find again when I inevitably need one. I cannot really put into words how much I hate crutches.

  2. I've only been in crutches once and I can tell you it is a horrible thing to deal with. These sound like they will make the healing process less painful. I like the fact that it isn't huge and this big machine like thing. This would be a great replacement to the outdated crutches.

  3. After suffering from ankle breaks, tendon tears in the knees and several other nasty leg injuries, I have to say that I want on for the the next time I crash the bike and am on crutches!

    It would make things like commuting so much easier!

  4. This device was designed when Joel's wife Patty had knee surgery. She is pretty active and did not like being slowed down by at all! She asked him to design something so that she could have hands-free mobility and still keep off her knee (per her doctor's orders) so this is what he came up with. He is quite an innovative engineer of mobility equipment. He has designed a wheelchair with patent-pending features and a seated scooter to rival the uncomfortable kneeling scooters. Just a plug – their company Forward Mobility just won and Inc. Magazine's Newpreneur of the Year contest!

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