Freecom MusicPal Wireless Digital Radio

Freecom MusicPal (Image courtesy Freecom)By Andrew Liszewski

It’s true that a lot of podcasts and online-only radio stations sound pretty crappy, but you’d probably be surprised how many ‘real’ radio stations actually broadcast online, as well as over-the-air. And that’s probably the reason we’re seeing so many ‘internet-capable’ radios popping up. The latest from Freecom is called the MusicPal and all it needs is a wifi connection to access one of over 5,000 supported online radio stations.

Of course if you happen to have a PC full of MP3s (or WAVs) on the same network as the MusicPal, it can stream and play those files as well. It also works as an alarm clock, waking you up to your favorite station or presumably song of choice. And if the built-in speaker isn’t loud enough to wake you the MusicPal also has an audio output jack for connecting to your home stereo. The inverted black and white display can even be used to read the occasional RSS feed, but I wouldn’t exactly use it to replace my dedicated feed reader.

At $149 it’s a bit more expensive than your standard radio alarm clock, but when you consider you probably don’t live in a market with 5,000 over-the-air radio stations at your disposal, it might be worth it for variety alone.

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