Frame Napkin (Images courtesy Caina Market)

Frame Napkin Makes You Proud Of Your Complete Lack Of Table Manners

Frame Napkin (Images courtesy Caina Market)
By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of promoting civilized table manners like eating slowly with utensils and what-not, this Frame Napkin encourages you to eat with your fingers, drip food everywhere and essentially act like a human version of Cookie Monster. Why? Well the border of the napkin is silk screened with a fancy painting frame, so at the end of the meal your BBQ sauce and mustard stains end up looking like an abstract piece of art suitable for mounting. As for pricing? They’re about $40 a pop (3,465 yen) but you can probably make that back after just a couple of gallery showings.

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1 thought on “Frame Napkin Makes You Proud Of Your Complete Lack Of Table Manners”

  1. Though the napkin itself is a lousy idea, I disagree with the author's hint that eating with fingers is uncivilized. It is one of the best spoon/fork combinations, available for free, given by god. Eating with fingers is the norm in a lot of countries like India, Philippines etc and people there dont fall ill or catch infections at the drop of hat, as one might presume based on germophobia.

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