FPS Gun Mouse

FPS Gun Mouse

By Evan Ackerman

If you’re the type of gamer who blames your low Counterstrike ROF on your mouse not being enough like a ‘real gun,’ you might be interested in this FPS Gun Mouse, which features dual triggers in an ergonomic, gun-like grip. The thing at the front end is a 2000dpi, 1000hz USB optical mouse, so you’re not losing any functionality, and may in fact be gaining some with the 5 programmable buttons and thumb scroll wheel. My only worry would be getting overexcited and picking the whole thing up… How awesome would it be to combine it with one of these? The other problem is, it’s another right-handed conspiracy gadget. Sigh. Yours for $73 from Korea.

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  1. Is this made by Zalman? Its strange, but the round connection between the mouse and the handle has “Zalman” printed/photoshopped on it. Zalman don’t make gaming mice…

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