FOZI Tripod Can Be Carried In Your Wallet

FOZI Tripod (Image courtesy Timetale)
By Andrew Liszewski

Most people buy a compact P&S digital camera because they’re convenient to carry around. You don’t need to bring a bag full of accessories like lenses or a tripod to take half-decent photographs. But there are still times when you might need to prop up the camera, whether for taking self-portraits or for keeping it steady during long exposure night-time shots.

So while it might not be as versatile as a tripod with a ball head, the FOZI’s real advantage is that it can easily fit in your wallet when folded down. It’s made from durable polypropylene plastic and the flexible hinges will survive over 1000 full reversals, meaning that with normal use it should survive a lot longer than that. A series of notches cut into each side allow it to hold a variety of cameras at different angles, and it can even be used to support your PMP of choice when you get tired of holding it in your hand.

The FOZI Tripod is available on the Timetale website in pink, red, blue, black, white, clear and clear striped for about $8.

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