Fossil Concept Smart Watch (Images courtesy Robert Scoble)

Fossil Takes Another Crack At The Smart Watch

Fossil Concept Smart Watch (Images courtesy Robert Scoble)
By Andrew Liszewski

A few years ago Fossil dabbled in smart watches with a line that featuring Microsoft’s SPOT technology. While I developed a soft spot for them, I was clearly in the minority since they never really caught on. (Admittedly they were a bit bulky and garish.) But the company has learned from those earlier missteps, and are now showing off a new prototype smart watch (well before they plan to introduce it to the market) to drum up support from developers.

Unlike the SPOT watches which worked kind of like an RSS feed on your wrist for weather updates, news, sports scores, etc. Fossil’s new watch connects to Android or Blackberry smartphones via Bluetooth to keep you up to date on your email inbox, caller ID and presumably Twitter and Facebook updates if they want any chance of interesting consumers. The prototype pictured above definitely looks a lot thinner than its SPOT forefathers, but while the pixelated monochromatic LCD display is kind of stylish, smart watches will always be at a functional disadvantage due to their limited screen real estate. But who knows, maybe the second time’s the charm?

[ Scobelizer – The concept “connected” watches from Fossil ] VIA [ Android Community ]

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