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Fork Knife Chopsticks Are Real, Can Be Bought Right Now

By David Ponce

We remember being pretty impressed a while back over some conceptual chopsticks that made themselves easy to use and doubled as a spoon. But they were only a concept and they've just been one-upped.

Practice dining kung fu with these nimble, transforming utensils. This knife and fork set made from reusable, dishwasher-safe plastic comes with a handy rubberized grip and interlocks to become a pair of easy-to-use, spring-loaded chopsticks! Sold individually as a single pair.

At $10 it's not a bad deal, though we're not exactly sure at which social event these would be appropriate. A sushi/steak dinner at home?

Well... we want to like them, just like we're fans of sporks... Something tells us they might not catch on.

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