Forget The Hooks, Just Stick This Oven Mitt To Your Fridge

By Luke Anderson

I’m not usually into writing about oven mitts, however, in my current kitchen (it’s tiny) there is nowhere for my oven mitt, except in a random drawer. That’s far from convenient. What I need is an oven mitt like this with a big ol’ magnet inside. Then I can just slap it to the side of the fridge and be done with it.

These mitts won’t set you back a fortune, so no worries there. They’ll only set you back around $14 bucks. While that’s cheap, I think I’m going to the root of my problem and finding a new place with a bigger kitchen. Seriously, there isn’t even a silverware drawer, who designs a kitchen without a silverware drawer?

[ Tiny Living ] VIA [ Dvice ]