Forget Coffee! These Wired Waffles Will Perk You Right Up

Wired Waffles


Not a fan of coffee? Don’t feel like eating chocolate (not just any chocolate but a bar of Awake chocolate) in the morning either? Then whip up a batch of these Wired Waffles and you’ll perk right up. They look and taste like regular waffles, except they’re called “wired” for a reason: aside from the usual waffle goodness, each 2.5-oz serving is loaded with 200mg of caffeine!

Wired Waffles come in four delicious flavors: Sugar, Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Bacon Maple. They’re available online in packs of four for $12 and packs of 12 for $30.

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  1. If your intention of eating this Wired Waffles is because of the caffeine content, I think the benefit you can get from coffee can’t be substituted. Although both have caffeine content but they differ in composition since coffee has natural caffeine content that can be very beneficial to your health.

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