For Singles With a Sense of Humor: DIY Make-Out Pillow

For Singles With a Sense of Humor: DIY Make-Out Pillow

DIY Makeout Pillow

Valentine’s day sucks for a lot of people–the primary reason being how it makes singles out of place with all the couple-themed offers and dinner deals retailers and restaurants put out that time of the year. But as a single person on happy hearts day, you can either go with the flow and ignore all the red paper hearts strewn all over the place–or have some fun with your singlehood.

If you still find yourself single (but, of course, never alone) on February 14th next year, then here’s a fun project that you can take on, just for the heck of it: the DIY Make-Out Pillow.

DIY Makeout Pillow1


As the name implies, it’s a pillow that you can make out with. Although whether or not someone would actually make out with this thing is beyond me. The ones you see above were made by Instructables user Emily Grace King, who came up with the idea after spotting a bag of discarded CPR dummy mouths in a dumpster by her apartment.

She let the creative juices flow and eventually ended up with these. You’ll need stuffing, felt, thread, glue, some cardboard, embroidery floss, and of course, dummy mouths to make one of these seemingly simple-looking pillows. You can find out how Emily made these here.

VIA [ Incredible Things ]