Football Keepy Uppy (aka Hacky Sack) Counter

Football Keepy Uppy Counter (Image courtesy The Random Shop)By Andrew Liszewski

Since everything is funner when it’s a competition, you can now get a Hacky Sack with a built-in counter to keep track of how many times it’s been kicked into the air. Except that since the term Hacky Sack appears to be a trademark currently owned by Wham-O, you’ll have to settle for referring to this as a ‘Football Keepy Uppy.’ Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

And besides keeping track of the number of kicks, there’s also a timer to keep track of how long it’s been in motion I assume, and a high score function in case you ever forget who’s the king of the ‘Football Keepy Uppy.’ (I’ll never get used to saying/typing that.) ~$20 from The Random Shop.

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9 thoughts on “Football Keepy Uppy (aka Hacky Sack) Counter”

  1. Keepy Uppy is a terrible name to replace hacky sack. How do I get the job naming things like this? I'm calling it “Bounce Counts.” 30 seconds of thinking and I came up with that. I'm not saying it's pure gold, but I feel like I deserve the job.

  2. The electronic part most likely effects the hacky-sackability of the keepy-uppy. Maybe if it costed as much as a normal hacky sack, and if I played hacky sacks.

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