Foot-Tall 50,000 Volt Tesla Coil For You Mad Scientists Out There

tesla-volt-300x250We’re not saying this item is new, but it’s new to us and we think it’s cool. It’s an 11″ tall Tesla coil that will generate 50,000 volts, enough to light up a fluorescent bulb from two feet away and make all kinds of sparks that will delight kids young and old alike. “It uses 115 VAC (60 Hz) with an electro-magnetically operated interrupter buzzer, high voltage capacitors, inductive coil transformer, and a monopolar high frequency transformer generator to do the trick.” We don’t know what that means, but we can tell you this item comes with an instruction booklet that contains 19 experiments you can do with it. No, it’s not a toy so don’t go buying this for your kid unless you’re willing to be the adult in the “Adult Supervision Required” warning. Schoolteachers or even anyone passionate about science will also likely get a kick out of this. It’s $229.

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