Folding Door Guard For The Paranoid Traveler

Folding Door Guard (Image courtesy Solutions)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not happy to admit that I’ve stayed in hotels where jamming a chair under the door knob at night wasn’t a bad idea, but I can’t say I would go as far as to travel with one of these in my suitcase. The Folding Door Guard has a forked head that securely wedges under a door knob and a non skid foot to prevent it from sliding out on carpeted or wood floors. While the leg is made from steel, I’m not sure if it will actually prevent a determined intruder from breaking in. However the door guard also has an adjustable motion sensor that will trigger a 120 decibel alarm which will probably serve to scare them off before they get in.

As you can see in the photo the door guard does fold up into a slightly smaller package, but I can’t see myself wasting the space in my suitcase or backpack by bringing it along.

You can find it at Solutions for $29.95.

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