Foldable Kitchen Scale Maximizes Counter Space

Foldable Kitchen Scale (Images courtesy Pro-Idee)
By Andrew Liszewski

Kitchen gadgets can be as fun as any piece of high-techery you have around the house, but what’s the point of a counter full of gizmos when there’s no room left to actually cook? Well at least this Foldable Kitchen Scale won’t be in the way. It can handle loads up to 6.6 lbs providing measurements in 1g units, but folds up to a footprint no larger than a spice shaker. It’s powered by 2 x AAA batteries which are good for about 6 months of average use, and besides providing weight measurements it’s also got a 60 second timer, though that might be a mistake in the copy since I’m not sure what you could really cook in just 60 seconds. (Flash fry a buffalo with 20 seconds to spare?) ~$55 from Pro-Idee.

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