Foam Cannon X-Stream Will Ensure Your Next Party Is A Memorable One

Foam Cannon X-Stream (Images courtesy FoamMasters)
By Andrew Liszewski

Are your parties stuck in a rut of pinatas and donkey pinning games? Well if you’re looking to really impress your friends at your next shindig, you might want to consider buying your own foam machine. The Foam Cannon X-Stream is capable of shooting a 30 foot stream of foam that can cover a 20 to 40 foot area in about 5 feet of suds. It uses a pre-mixed FG-HDF foam concentrate that allows the cannon to operate up to 50 minutes on just one gallon of solution. In 10 minutes it can produce about 4,800 cubic feet of foam, so you might want to think twice about using it indoors, unless you happen to live in an abandoned night club.

The cannon is mounted on a wheeled base allowing it to be easily swiveled and aimed, but the wheels can also be locked if you don’t want it to be moved. And while you can easily just rent this type of machine for an evening, I’m pretty sure your friends will be impressed you spent $3,995 just to ensure they had a good time.

[ Foam Cannon X-Stream ] VIA [ BallerHouse ]

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