Flymo Pac a Mow Fold-away Lawnmower

Flymo Pac a Mow (Image courtesy Flymo)By Andrew Liszewski

Buying a lawnmower is usually never as much fun as buying a new phone or MP3 player but the Pac a Mow lawnmower appears to at least have a little bit of gadget appeal. (Though it is quite lacking in the naming department.)

From Flymo, the same company keeping the ‘hover mower’ alive and well comes this electric lawnmower that can be collapsed to a very compact size and easily stowed. Odds are if your lawn is small enough to warrant an electric mower then your storage space will probably be just as small. The grass collection bin on the Pac a Mow can be removed and then placed over the front wheels and blade assembly which not only makes it safe to carry around but also allows it to be stored in places a mower normally couldn’t be.

The Flymo Pac a Mow is available online, though I’ve only been able to find it at UK retailers for about ?85.

[Flymo Pac a Mow] VIA [Coolest-Gadgets]