Flying Ferrari Only Two Years Away

By Evan Ackerman

Alright, here’s the good news: in as few as two years, you may be able to purchase a Ferrari 599 GTB, capable of vertical takeoff and sustained flight at up to 150 mph with a range of 75 miles. It’ll have a hybrid electric engine developing up to 800 hp, powering eight ducted fans mounted in the fuselage that can push the car around while it’s on the ground (kinda like a hovercraft, I guess), or direct thrust downward for liftoff. Once airborne, the car maneuvers like a helicopter, rolling to turn and changing pitch to move forward or backward.

Ready for the bad news? It’s not the estimated price of $813,000. No, it’s the fact that the car is being developed by Moller International, the same Moller International who has been promising us a flying car for the last five years or so. How’s it been going? Well, I just checked, and there’s no M400x in my driveway. Hold on, let me check again… OMG! Wait, nevermind, that’s just a squirrel with a jetpack. Sigh. Oh well, a flying Ferrari was fun to think about for like 30 seconds anyway.

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