Flux Flat Folding Chairs

Flux Flat Folding Chairs (Images courtesy Flux)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not only are they easier to stack and store, but these flat folding chairs from Flux also look about 1000X more comfortable than the traditional stacking office chair. And since they’re made from polypropylene plastic, they’re easier to clean so you won’t end up with that one chair in the meeting room with that mysterious stain.

[ Flux Chair ] VIA [ I New Idea Homepage ]

6 thoughts on “Flux Flat Folding Chairs”

  1. Too bad it doesn't have armrests. Also, I hope they smoothed and rounded the edges, I'd hate to get a paper cut from that thing. While it comes in different colors, their website says that it will fade / change color in the sun.

  2. I agree with Nikkita, I hope there is something that prevents me from cutting myself with it. Also what is the weight limit? I'm trying to find out from the site, but it's super slow. I like the shape it takes at the end. Also how much are they?

  3. It looks elegant and easy to use with because of it is accessible anytime. It is good for relaxing specially those adults after their working at busy mode. This is highly recommended also for those who wants to give time to adjust their selves from problems.

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